• allwebcafe Becomes Leader in Content Marketing

allwebcafe Becomes Leader in Content Marketing

Posted by Alex Turbett | What's New |

allwebcafe, a full-service digital marketing agency, is using a new content marketing focused approach to boost client’s online traffic, pageviews and profits. The agency, based in Berwyn, PA, provides a progressive approach to search engine optimization services for clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, high-tech and manufacturing.

“Clients struggle to keep up with online marketing trends,” says Anne Ryan, Digital Marketing Strategist at allwebcafe. “The normal and trusted methods of SEO are no longer enough. A client must have a full grasp on the their Digital Marketshare with content distributed across multiple channels, like YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare and Facebook, as well as press release sites and vertical publications.”

To ensure that each client’s highly customized content is distributed across these channels, allwebcafe has implemented a new content market share analytics platform that tracks exactly how consumers search for information online and where they’re getting the best traction.

“allwebcafe's holistic view of our clients' experience sets us apart from other agencies,” says Brett Samuels, Director of Partnerships and Planning at allwebcafe. “We provide ongoing support and strategically push content out on the web to ensure that each client’s digital market share grows. We are not order takers. We act as partners in building a business’ look and reputation.”

According to allwebcafe, today’s average consumer engages with at least 10 resources before making a purchasing decision. Using this information, the agency has increased a recent client’s paid search conversion rate from 12% to 17%, and increased keyword visits by 168%. The client – a leader in the healthcare industry – has increased their non-branded keyword visits by 300% in the first three months of working with allwebcafe. Overall, using their approach to Content Marketing – combined with allwebcafe’s targeted, highly customizable approach – the client’s total website conversion rate has increased by 34%.

“People in general are searching the web more and more to answer questions, discover options and find solutions to problems,” says Samuels. “It’s important for clients to generate content around the questions their customers are asking and the products and solutions they can provide. We act as partners in building this look and reputation. That’s what really distinguishes allwebcafe from our competition.”

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