• allwebcafe Evolves Around the Client

allwebcafe Evolves Around the Client

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A Philadelphia-based interactive marketing agency restructures to meet the shifting needs of its clients

Philadelphia – Sept 15, 2011 — Allwebcafe (Rare Thinking | Well Done) has applied their expertise in innovation and drive for remarkability by taking a proactive role and pioneering what it means to be a digital marketing agency.

For the past number of years, allwebcafe has been listening to their clients while paying special attention to the burgeoning trends that are a result of new business requirements in the advertising and marketing landscape. While most agencies scramble to keep up with the blistering speeds at which technologies and platforms are shaping this industry, allwebcafe has been focusing on challenging their clients to define what makes them remarkable. The result has been a reorganization where the roles now define themselves: Managing, Thinking, and Creating.

\It’s safe to say that no part of the marketing world is changing at a greater pace than that of the interactive realm. We are partnering with businesses to create a strategy, improve their customer experience and develop or reposition their product offerings,\ said Steve Williams, President and Creative Director. \The need to manage all their expectations required a restructure under which each group could focus on their roles and create a new process for challenging our clients and driving results.\

This reorganization has produced three groups whose roles are characterized as follows:

Business Intelligence and Planning: Client relationship managers, project coordinators and opportunity seekers. The main point of contact responsible for everything from diving deep into a client’s needs to managing timelines and deliverables for each project.

Innovation and Experience: Comprised of big-picture thinkers and “the devil is in the detail” fanatics. Dedicated to working through full-blown brand and marketing strategies to user-focused initiatives that require detailed documentation.

Design and Technology: A melting pot made up of creative doers and technology geeks that challenge the other groups to use best practices and modern thinking. Responsible for crafting visual experiences that engage users and take advantage of technologies that came out 15 minutes from now.

allwebcafe thrives on innovating new ways for clients to harness the changes in today’s evolving marketing landscape, and gives clients the opportunity to be leaders in their own industries. The result has already seen more efficient internal processes that impact the client’s bottom line in terms of budgets and results.