• allwebcafe Launches Its Mobile Website and “The Thing Is…”

allwebcafe Launches Its Mobile Website and “The Thing Is…”

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Philadelphia - March 9, 2011 allwebcafe, an interactive marketing agency based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, has responded to the smartphone surge by launching an interactive mobile agency website that demonstrates mobile development expertise and conveys how a mobile environment differs in design and usability as compared to a regular website.

The agency’s mobile site opens with “The Thing Is,” a stamp of allwebcafe’s culture and an expression of beliefs. Each a month, a new video will feature a different team member showing the mobile world their interpretation of “the thing.” “We wanted to highlight video on our mobile start page to show clients that video and smart phones are an option for mobile environments, and thanks to better speed, audio and display, they are now made for each other. Clients can convey their message in 15 seconds verses paragraphs of content that a mobile user may not have time to read on-the-go,” said Pete Fleming, allwebcafe’s Director of “Innovation and Experience” group.

To maximize creativity and input, allwebcafe broke into teams whereby each group presented their vision for the mobile experience.; the IA for optimum usability; and, the creative interaction to enhance design. After weeks of collaboration fueled by desire to be the winning group, the final result is a true mobile experience that all team members had a hand in creating.

The mobile experience is broken into three simple sections: Agency, Buzz, Projects. “Agency” allows the user to swipe through each member of the allwebcafe team and download their vCard. “Buzz” (supported by allwebcafe’s main site CMS) is a mashup of allwebcafe news, blog postings and twitter. Lastly, “Projects” provides visual examples from the diverse selection of work in allwebcafe’s portfolio.  Other navigation includes call features, listing the agency’s location using Google maps and site sharing options through various social media bookmarks.

When embarking on the mobile development effort, allwebcafe invested heavily in researching mobile browser behaviors and studying the pros and cons between platforms while taking full advantage of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and advanced JavaScript specific to mobile browsers. Moreover, additional research and simple intuition demonstrated that a mobile site should embrace the “less is more” philosophy by offering the end-user fast and easy access to critical information and ensuring that no page elements would slow down the end-user who is likely on-the-go.

Since the release of smart phones, we have seen a general increase in mobile visitors to our client’s websites, but over the last six months, the increase has been drastic.  It’s a commitment to our clients that we react to these trends and lead the way on what is possible.” says Steve Williams, Founder and Managing Director of allwebcafe.