• allwebcafe Launches “leadDNA” Cost-per-lead Reporting Tool

allwebcafe Launches “leadDNA” Cost-per-lead Reporting Tool

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Marketing Managers are now able to ascertain a lead's DNA (point of origin) and cost per campaign via various online marketing channels 

Philadelphia - September 8, 2010 allwebcafe, an interactive marketing solutions agency based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, announces the release of its latest proprietary tool leadDNA. It provides marketing managers the ability to track individual web leads to the point of origin, and as a result determine the overall ROI on campaign spend. 

Whether via vertical channels, keywords through search engines, online publications, or social media networks, leadDNA provides insight into what drives conversions and unearths opportunities for continued optimization efforts. The ability to automatically measure performance while identifying the need behind each marketing tactic is unmatched by any other interactive agency. 

"Our clients are now able to track leads all the way to the point of origin, identify what is working best for them over a period of time, and make better decisions for future marketing spend based on actual numbers," says Anne Ryan, SEO Specialist at allwebcafe. 

Internet technologies and the implications they have on business are constantly evolving. For a company to remain competitive, corporate websites and strategic marketing plans need to emphasize real solutions for end-user challenges. It is not enough to just have a website and a strategy; measurement analytics tools should be utilized to ensure desired results are being achieved within an allotted marketing budget. 

Digital agencies are now becoming the marketing hub for knowledge and direction compared to "traditional agencies" who are trying to learn the digital expertise and culture required. allwebcafe has long considered itself a solutions agency that understands how the digital age has changed the marketing landscape. "What sets us apart is that we not only understand how to integrate all areas of interactive marketing, but we also offer accountability to what we deliver - leadDNA confirms this," says Stephen Williams, allwebcafe Managing Director and Founder.