• allwebcafe Moves Office Into Berwyn’s “StairTower” House

allwebcafe Moves Office Into Berwyn’s “StairTower” House

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Philadelphia – Dec. 23, 2009 – allwebcafe, an interactive branding and marketing solutions agency based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, has moved to a new location on the same street to house its expanding team of Web professionals. The space, located at 42 Cassatt Avenue, is a 3,500 square foot house built around 1920.

The former offices of noted architect Lyman Perry, the Dutch Colonial style façade hides an interesting structural secret not readily apparent from the street – a massive, roofed fire escape designed by Perry that also doubles as an outdoor lunchroom and meeting space, affectionately dubbed the StairTower.

According to allwebcafe founder and head of client services Stephen Williams, the firm’s growth and long-term plans for business development required a dedicated office space that his team could rally around. “From a creative standpoint, we wanted offices that were functional, with room for expansion, but that also had a little flair, Williams said.

“It certainly helps get outside-the-box ideas flowing when you can look out the window at a giant steel tower, three stories high, that pokes out from the building at a 45-degree angle and has two huge corrugated ‘sails’ for a roof. I’m fairly certain it’s unique in this region. I know of no other company with a fire escape that actually dwarfs the building itself.”

Williams noted that the structure’s unusual design dates to the 1990s, when then-occupant Perry had to comply with building codes to convert the former home into office space for his architectural firm, whose prior work includes residences for William Henry Ford and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. Rather than just build a simple fire escape, Perry decided to make a statement in steel, with curved frames on each landing and enough room to function as meeting space in its own right.

The allwebcafe team of ten professionals -- designers, programmers, Web architects, and account managers – will now call 42 Cassatt Avenue home, providing their global client base with services ranging from lead generation and brand awareness to website development and social media program integration. Founded by Williams in 2000, All Web Cafe is an agile, medium-sized team of specialists who integrate strategic branding/marketing solutions with Web-based technologies for medium-sized companies in a wide variety of industries.