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allwebcafe Takes the Complexity Out of Marketing

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We recently expanded our team to support a new service offering comprised of four focus areas: Brand, Strategy, Digital Experiences and Content Marketing. Paul Manz has been brought on as Director of Strategy and Analysis, bringing to allwebcafe his passion for understanding how people interact with brands and how to create marketing initiatives that keep this top-of-mind. Paul will lead his team in marrying brand strategies with online experiences that help allwebcafe’s clients increase online visibility, and ultimately, online lead generation and sales conversions.

Manz’s team, comprised of Courtney Bryson, a Content Strategist, and Michael Clement, a Paid Search Specialist, will work to drive strategy for new and existing clients by utilizing persona-based methodologies that move customers seamlessly through their buying journey. From website design to content marketing, we believe that the persona methodology drives every aspect of digital marketing.

“I try to remind people that a significant part of Google’s business is really about being a mind reader. When you enter a search term, Google’ s ability to give you the content that meets your need is what determines its ability to remain the search engine of choice. Our job is to focus on creating content that meets a persona’s needs, allowing Google, Bing etc. to serve it up appropriately,” says Manz.

The Strategy and Analysis team uses robust technology platforms that inform tactics used in the strategy and also allow for comprehensive strategy performance measurement, down to a persona-reach level. The use of technology such as HubSpot has allowed allwebcafe to understand personas on a new and highly-advanced level, creating more personalized marketing experiences than ever before.