• allwebcafe Taps Into Quench USA’s Exciting New Online Branding

allwebcafe Taps Into Quench USA’s Exciting New Online Branding

Posted by Jennilynn McFadden | Well Done |

allwebcafe, a full-service interactive marketing agency, recently launched a dynamic new online re-branding for Quench USA, the largest supplier of “bottle-less” water filtration systems in the world. The new website not only showcases the company’s unique, environmentally friendly water and ice solutions, but also stylishly tailored systems that help Quench USA’s eco-minded clients cut costs.

“Through the brand discovery process, we identified repeated questions asked around cost, cleaner water and environmental benefits,” says Stephen Williams, CEO of allwebcafe. “This became the underlying theme for the online redesign, which was aided by customer feedback from online inquiries and sales call centers.”

The new design, which features visually appealing images and straight-forward, easily navigated content, takes advantage of a robust content management solution that allows for ongoing updates and the client’s complete control of promotional content, industry products and SEO. The website allows customers to order water solutions online, as well as accessories like cups, in addition to providing a real-time chat feature in which clients may ask questions and consult with Quench experts about customized solutions. Users now also have the ability to search a robust database of water quality reports simply by entering a zip code.

“The ability to create content for new products was essential,” says Jennilynn McFadden, Account Manager at allwebcafe. “Using the ExpressionEngine CMS tool gives Quench USA the ability to manage the entire website, as well as create custom campaigns for promoting a range of eco-friendly products.” The client now has increased flexibility with the site, and the power to add new products and verticals without affecting the bold overall design.

New to the site is the popular Savings Calculator, which allows users to track savings on water purchases with Quench. The bottle-less systems are proven to reduce costs and waste compared to market alternatives that can cost more to produce and pose environmental concerns over proper disposal.

The new website and logo, which establishes Quench USA as a leader in the industry, also captures the essence of its UV filtered water technology and eco-friendly approach to purification worldwide.

About Quench USA

Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, Quench USA is a water technology company that designs, installs, leases and services “bottle-less” water filtration systems (also known as point-of-user water coolers) and ice dispensers. Quench is the largest provider of these solutions in North America, serving more than 25,000 customers – including one-third of Fortune 500 companies. Quench systems purify tap water using state-of-the-art technology, providing a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution. For more information, visit www.quenchonline.com.