• Analytics Can be Emotionally Painful. Do it Anyway.

Analytics Can be Emotionally Painful. Do it Anyway.

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We find that sometimes there is a nervousness around analytics. It may stem from the thought that analytics could prove marketing failure, which doesn’t bode well for the person in charge of marketing. Or, perhaps the nervousness is over the thought of numbers and graphs and where to begin the analysis.

To calm these nerves, our first response is to assure you that analytics isn't the bad guy out to prove if your marketing campaign is right or wrong. The point is to collect information about your audience, their priorities, and what compelled your audience to connect with you over the competitors that occupy your space.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, analytics aren’t about hard numbers and graphs. Analytics measure your marketing plan and pinpoint what’s working. Your job is to understand what is working and proudly present it to the powers that be in your organization. As for the areas of your marketing plan that aren’t working, now you know where to stop spending and to re-invest that money into what IS working, while you continue testing new avenues of opportunity. 

 One thing is certain: every marketing plan should begin and end with analytics. From analytics integration to developing actionable insights, allwebcafe has you covered. Call or email us to learn more about how you can measure the impact of every dollar you spend online.