• Creative + Strategy = Interactive Marketing

Creative + Strategy = Interactive Marketing

Posted by allwebcafe | Rare Thinking |

Can interactive agencies actually offer and implement a concrete marketing strategy for clients?  This has been an interesting topic of debate over the past few years.

The answer depends completely upon who you choose to partner with.  What are their capabilities?  Who are you working with directly and what are their individual skill sets?  The details matter.

Traditional marketing agencies have a reputation for being more organized and systematic.  And creative agencies are perceived to be more fun, coming up with great ideas but lacking the structure to execute anything more than a few campaigns or projects.

But these days, that reputation is shifting tremendously because it is easier for creative agencies to deliver comprehensive creative strategies than it is for traditional marketing agencies to get really creative.  That extra bit of unique creativity is what companies are looking for to help them stand out online.  Agencies like ours are proving over and over that we have the ability and the confidence to deliver results.  Results that are tied to numbers.  And we all know that the bottom line is bottom line.

If you’re looking to make an impact and squeeze the value out of every dollar you spend, then you need to get really creative.  You need to dig deep and analyze your company, your industry, pick apart what you’ve done in the past, define what your future business goals are, integrate marketing with your sales process, and bring it all together with a strategy that enables you to achieve very specific marketing goals.  If you can establish cost-effective ways to streamline business processes while you’re at it - bonus!  Doing this will make marketing mean so much more to your company than just “the group that works on our ads and manages our trade shows”.

This is a huge undertaking but it’s necessary, and this is the time of year to do it.  Start thinking about next year, and also the years that follow.  Think big picture and think out-of-the-box.  What can you do differently to really make a difference?