• Dating Advice from a Content Strategist

Dating Advice from a Content Strategist

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I’m never NOT working. I don’t mean I’m a workaholic who is proud of having no work-life balance… I mean that everything I do in life comes back to marketing. Whether I’m shopping, watching TV, grabbing lunch, or on a date, my mind is always processing the details of my experience in a marketing mindset.

I am especially obsessed with the UX of self-service fountain soda stations. Have you ever tried filling up your cup during a busy lunch hour and being so frustrated that the cup lids are on one side of the machine and the straws are on the other, and the napkins - where are the napkins?! I’d like to see a soda station user flow. But I digress...

Back to dating. My obsessive marketing tactics also creep their way into my dating life. I simply cannot detach dating from a core component of marketing strategy: The Buying Journey.

She Goes by the Name AIDA

The Buying Journey model I use when creating content marketing strategies is called AIDA, which stands for Attention (or Awareness), Interest, Desire, and Action. When creating a content strategy, I pursue each stage by asking these questions:


  • Where does my client’s audience go online to collect information and discover content? 
  • When they arrive at results on their preferred platform, what kind of content captures their attention?


  • How can we spark interest once users engage with a piece of content? 
  • What emotion does the design need to convey? 
  • What is the messaging that will help users understand that my client can relate to their needs?


  • Once we’ve sparked their interest, how do we arouse the user’s desire to own or access the product or service? 
  • How do we position the brand and the offering to be so attractive that a user views my client as the obvious choice?


  • Now that the user has a desire to experience the offering, what is the asset, promotion, discount, or invite that will prompt them to enter their information, and therefore, enter the sales cycle?

Together, these stages will guide a person through a complete experience that begins with simply making them aware that a company, product, or service exists, with the end goal of making them feel like they simply MUST have this company, product, or service so that they can better perform their job or live their life.

Probably The Reason Why I’m Single

So how does AIDA relate to dating? As I said, I live and breathe the Buying Journey. It guides how I approach just about everything in both my professional and personal lives, and dating is no exception. Even when I go on a date, I am keenly aware of what stage I’m at in the Buying Journey (or in this case, the Dating Journey).

While I’m not actively asking myself these questions like I do when creating marketing strategies, I know my subconscious is checking off boxes. The Dating Journey questions that I’m considering in each AIDA step look something like this:


  • Am I attracted to this person? 
  • Do they have good style? A good vibe? 
  • Are they making eye contact? 
  • Do they ask interesting questions? 
  • Are they offering thoughtful answers?


  • Do they have cool interests and stories to share? 
  • Do they have a job they love? 
  • Do they have a future plan? 
  • Do they like to travel? 
  • Do they have a great family? 
  • Do they have life long friends?


  • Do we have chemistry?
  • Similar values? 
  • Enough similarities? 
  • Enough differences?
  • Are there any red flags?


  • Have they suggested a future fun date? 
  • Have they asked me what my schedule looks like next week? 
  • Did they text me 2.2 seconds after we said “Goodbye” to tell me how they can’t wait to see me again? Ok, ok… this one can actually work against you, but you get the point.

Why Marketing and Dating Should Just Hold Hands

Just like finding that special someone, marketing is very much about emotion, needs, compatibility, look and feel, and trust. In both cases, human nature and psychology drive a person’s decision making process. And having a complete understanding of the journey from beginning to end is the key to success for marketing and dating alike.

So if you’re in marketing, next time you’re working on a strategy give AIDA a try. It will help you create a comprehensive marketing plan that is inclusive of brand, messaging, content, assets, and guides design with a user-first approach.

For the single marketing people out there, you should give AIDA a try too. Think about how the person across the table is perceiving you and be armed and ready to move them through their own personal Dating Journey.

If you have any questions about AIDA, the Buying Journey, or if you just want to ask me out on a date, email me at amryan@allwebcafe.com.