• Grasping How Users Behave

Grasping How Users Behave

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Take a moment to consider how you use Google. Now see how these facts line up with what you tend to do:

On average, users spend 7 seconds scanning page 1 of Google results after pressing “go.” Of the results that turn up, users spend up to 40-50 seconds comparing sites before making a decision to click a result or enter a new search term.

If the results’ content doesn’t show the term they searched under with things like bolded words, a clear description, the display URL, and convince it’s worthy of a click, users will leave and try again.

So how do you maximize on a users swift decision-making? Getting attention on search engines begins with building a site correctly from the ground-up based on a solid list of keywords that represent industry challenges and language your target users search with. Write website content using this language to give your site the opportunity to rise to the top of results rankings. Search engines will love you & so will your end users.