• How Many Times Does a Person Interact With Your Brand

How Many Times Does a Person Interact With Your Brand

Posted by Anne Ryan | Rare Thinking |

Measuring how your marketing efforts influence conversions is difficult, especially when your customers interact with multiple marketing channels over time before converting. For example, perhaps a user first meets your brand via a keyword search. Then, directly visits your site a week later and connects with you on LinkedIn. A month later, the user likes a post on LinkedIn and finally contacts you.

The ability to follow a user through various touch points is called Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics — a new way in which you can dig deeper into the marketing channels that influence conversions, so crossed-marketing tactics share in the glory.

Google has recently released a beta API that allows you to view the sequence of events and report where your interactions connect. This means you can now visualize how marketing channels appear throughout the lead conversion funnel. For marketing managers determined to showcase the ROI of their branding efforts, this platform, if used correctly, can provide full transparency to online marketing activities.

The introduction of multi-channel funnels analytics could be the next breakthrough on how we measure our best case for brand building over time. Multiple touch points engaged through various channels should well equip the brave Marketing Managers who haven’t given up on the need for developing strong integrated marketing campaigns.