• Improved Brand for Specialty Finance Group Through Combined Redesign and Search Engine Marketing Pro

Improved Brand for Specialty Finance Group Through Combined Redesign and Search Engine Marketing Pro

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Client now has the ability to rate the quality and potential of each lead as well as view overall ROI for various paid search campaigns.

Philadelphia - October 15, 2010 - allwebcafe an interactive marketing solutions agency based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, has updated the existing brand and redesigned the CBC Settlement Funding existing website as part of an online marketing effort to increase lead conversion for the specialty finance firm. 

CBC Settlement funding partnered with allwebcafe in May 2010 to launch a comprehensive online marketing program that began with updating CBC's brand identity in order to convey a sharp and modern message that CBC is an established, professional financial organization. The next step was to redesign CBC's existing website to support the updated brand that positions CBC as both a financial resource and financial partner to individuals wishing to sell their structured settlement or other personal assets. 

The design and functionality maximize the potential for increased lead conversion by tapping into the emotion of the user through creative elements and ensuring that the web form is complimented by a strong call-to-action and compelling messaging on each page. Additionally, the user is presented with a simple three-step cash solution process throughout the site to further entice the user to convert. 

CBC has achieved an increase in leads since the new site launched, which reaffirms that attracting users to a website through search or other marketing tactics is only the first step toward a conversion. The final step is ensuring that the website or destination page retains the user through intuitive usability, impactful imagery and a clear course of action for the user to take to find valuable information and, ultimately, convert. 

allwebcafe looks forward to the continued partnership with CBC as their online search visibility expands and by increasing website traffic, generating quality leads and maximizing the ROI that exists when a search engine marketing program is a carefully-considered targeted strategy.