• Know Thy Audience. Define Thy Goals.

Know Thy Audience. Define Thy Goals.

Posted by Alex Turbett | Rare Thinking |

Knowing your audience and their immediate goals will allow you to avoid a game of pin the tail on the donkey. When developing a great marketing strategy, consider how it will be measured and assess your target audience and marketing campaigns based on the following:

Is your audience where you are spending money?
It’s crucial to ensure that your audience spends time engaging with the sources you choose as your marketing platforms. Spending money on an online banner on a news website may target a wide audience, but is that audience your target audience?

Does your marketing program meet the need of your audience?
Many marketing objectives are based on internal business objectives that focus on growing the business. Marketing is not about internal business. It’s about external needs. Do you know what your audience truly needs? Once you meet their demand, revenue will pour in and match internal objectives.

Are you measuring campaign success on a cost-per-lead basis?
Cost-per-lead seems like simple math, right? Divide the number of leads by the total cost of the campaign. But! How do you define a lead? Must a lead be engaged by the Sales Team to qualify? Defining lead parameters will allow you to define campaign success.

Are you monitoring registrations so future activities alert Sales?
The more information Sales has on a prospect, the better they can determine what the prospect needs. Alerting the sales team to the content read and downloaded on your website will change their selling strategy completely.

Analytics present you with the answers to these questions. From understanding how to best market to your audience to properly measuring the cost attached to each lead, analytics equips you with the insight needed to launch targeted, successful marketing campaigns with firm goals in place.