• Leveraging Social Media for B2B Organizations

Leveraging Social Media for B2B Organizations

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Our B2B clients often have a hard time seeing the value in social media marketing. We hear things like, "This doesn't provide any leads," or "No one's going to interact with our content." It's easy to see their side of things because, oftentimes, B2B organizations package their social media content in a way that simply doesn't engage a digital audience. But when we take a look at a certain iconic American company that tends to do things right when it comes to its marketing initiatives, the perspective on B2B social media tactics should be swayed. 

General Electric is considered one of the top brands in the world and offers an incredibly diverse range of products and services, from consumer goods like appliances and light bulbs to industrial B2B offerings like Jet Engines and Offshore Drilling Platforms. You might expect GE's Facebook page to post photos of a new GE Monogram refrigerator or facts surrounding how much energy an LED lightbulb can save in your house over a year. But that's not what you'll find here. They offer up content that's presented in an interesting, interactive and creative way. 

We've taken a recent sampling of posts to showcase how GE interacts in the social space - and how it's an example of B2B social media marketing done right.


This Facebook post engages users with a popular scientist, while also utilizing appropriate tags and hashtags. Reaching over 1,900 people with a number of comments and shares is proof enough that this type of post is working, while also driving users to GE's web presence. 


GE knows that their LinkedIn audience is mostly those who would be interested in the more nitty-gritty side of their business. They capitalize on this by driving users to more detailed content that lives on their website, such as videos. 


Above is a recent tweet that was timely and relevant, taking into account the trending topics surrounding female scientists. With over 100 retweets and 260 favorites, this post reached a number of users.

While this is only a snapshot of GE's social media strategy, it’s pretty clear that they're doing a wonderful job of creating engaging, effective content. The real message? Social media can and should be a part of a B2B organization's marketing initiatives. It doesn’t take a huge production budget or drain company resources. All it takes is an open mind and a creative approach to speaking to your audience.