• Movin’ On Up

Movin’ On Up

Posted by allwebcafe | Rare Thinking |

So just before Christmas, we moved office two doors down the street. And we love it! From acquiring the new space months ago to the massive renovations required to get to Moving Day, we’ve seen some significant changes that go beyond the novelty of new paint and cool architecture. Here’s a short background into why we moved.

From a business perspective, it’s self evident that last year was tough for everyone. Dips in profits, lean staff and even leaner marketing budgets. Somewhere between the projects we worked on and the rhythm we were in, it was clear that what we were doing wasn’t working. There was something stagnant about it. A change needed to happen, a physical one. The idea of reinventing ourselves was born.

Our former office was a large, open space with a unique high-tech vibe to it. The openness was thought to encourage collaboration and communication among the team. It didn’t. Each of us was so sensitive to the acoustics that it actually created “walls” and kept people from being as open as the space suggested we could be. It’s funny, the trend seems to be towards these expansive, open working spaces and here we’ve done the opposite.

Our home-turned-office space has actually brought our team closer together, and the impact was immediate. The tight-knit design of our new office has groups who should be working together openly communicating and more engaged in projects. There may be something in the air to the tune of boosted morale, and we’re taking it in as much as possible.

It feels like we’ve always been here. Through all stages of renovations (which required a leap of faith based on “before” conditions), we all believed in the idea and concept of a place we feel inspired by and enjoy working in. Our thumbprint is truly in every room now. It’s creative. It’s charming. It’s comfortable. Welcome to 42 Cassatt.