• New Thermoforming Technology Company Forges Alliance with AWC

New Thermoforming Technology Company Forges Alliance with AWC

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Philadelphia, PA – allwebcafe, a full-service interactive marketing agency, unveils the new Fiberforge.com. This is the agency’s first online project with Fiberforge, a company providing a breakthrough process for the production of high-volume, low cost thermoplastic composite parts.

Fiberforge chose to work with allwebcafe due to their award winning Web Design combined with their experience and focus on materials within energy and industrial sectors. Close collaboration with Fiberforge at the start of the project allowed the agency to make sense of their highly technical, very specialized services and from it derive a strategy for increasing traffic and quality leads through a new website design.

Based on a customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, the company’s focus on lightweight thermoformed parts, time efficiency, and increased production was elevated into a meaningful value proposition. A Keyword Discovery Report helped shape content messaging. Website structure was rebuilt to improve usability and search engine rankings. Improved User Experience design underpin targeted markets such as aerospace, electronics and defense.

Since Fiberforge.com was launched, the website has generated 600% more leads per month. A new lead tracking system allows sales & marketing teams to monitor how material downloads, video views, and contact form submissions turn into closed sales. In addition to improved search engine rankings and increased traffic, the company is fully equipped with quantifiable data that will inform future enhancements to online programs.

According to Steve Mead, VP of Fiberforge Marketing & Sales, “The newly re-designed website more accurately reflects our breakthrough technology. It allows our current and potential clients to obtain more comprehensive information and technical data about our unique manufacturing process.”

Stephen Williams, Founder & Managing Director of allwebcafe adds, “Our focus with Fiberforge was part education, part service. Explaining their innovative, niche technology was the place to start. Their website also needed to draw potential customers that weren’t previously there, connecting the value of their services with leads that will build their business pipeline.”

About Fiberforge
A technology company that has developed a breakthrough process to enable low cost, high volume production of thermoplastic advanced composite parts for a broad range of applications. Fiberforge offers in-house production, application development, and technology licensing.