• New Year, New SEO Strategy

New Year, New SEO Strategy

Posted by Anne Ryan | Rare Thinking |

First off, I’ll be honest. I’m writing this blog for SEO: we have a new list of target keywords for 2012 . The fact that this article just happens to contain each of our 2012 target keywords is purely coincidental. Don’t believe me? You shouldn’t!

That aside, since the golden rule is to write content for the end-user and not for Google, I’m going to make sure this blog is both keyword rich as well as informative on the topic of content development in the hopes that it might afford you some new insights that could help you with your 2012 SEO strategy.

While many interactive marketing agencies ensure their SEO strategy includes keyword focused landing pages, press releases, articles, blogs, social posting, and content development in all forms, there must be one common thread tying each tactic together: engaging content.

Now, this isn’t news. Google has been saying for years that website content should be user-focused and engaging. In 2011, however, Google updated its algorithm with engagement meters to hone in on the extent to which users engage with a website. You may have heard about this Google Search update – it’s best known as Google Panda.

People spin their wheels about how to get users to stay on their site longer, interact and convert. The only way users are going to interact with your website is if they find your website content to be engaging and authentic. As such, unique content is more important than ever to search engine marketing, even more important than aggressive link building, which, by the way, is so 2009!

So, while you think about various ways to improve your content strategy, think about what your target audience wants to know and what you want to say. A successful SEO strategy should be synergistic with both your brand and business objectives, which should make it pretty easy to develop content that users will value– which means the search engines will value it, too!