• No One Likes to Wait, Not Even Google

No One Likes to Wait, Not Even Google

Posted by Adam Plante | Rare Thinking |

I don’t know about you, but I have NO time to wait for pages to load. Neither does Google...and you better believe that Google knows your site’s page load time to the nano second! If your site is taking too long to load due to rich media everywhere or because the code just isn’t that clean, your site’s PageRank will suffer, which means your rankings could be impacted.

And, speaking of code, if Google has to work hard to crawl each page or if your site is making Google crawl hundreds of lines of code before it can collect any useful data about your site, your rankings may take a hit. Remember, Google makes money when users stay on websites and click on content-targeted ads, as well as when users conduct several searches and click on paid search ads. For this reason, and because the search giant truly does want users to have a fluid search experience, Google wants users inside websites or inside the search tool bar – not waiting for a website to load.

People want valuable information fast. So does Google. Both will bounce if they have to wait for it. Faster page load time translates into improved SEO performance, increased site traffic and increased conversions!