• Perhaps a Fresh Lens?

Perhaps a Fresh Lens?

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Fresh Lens for Your Business

You know your business. You own that space. So why the slump in sales? Why the dwindling growth? Perhaps a fresh lens is in order.

A business is like a freight train.
Once it is up to cruising speed it’s not easy to take sharp turns and, undoubtedly, everyone on the train is focused on keeping it on-track. So identifying a path that could potentially benefit the company is not typically a high priority. Well it should be! There’s a good chance your company became successful because you approached a problem a little differently than your competition or you added a value that no one else had thought of. Do it again.

Sometimes the best medicine is some medicine.
Call a doctor for Pete’s sake! Let me jump metaphors here for a minute to illustrate a point. A Harvard Law magna cum laude graduate will go to the doctor for a common cold. No matter the depth of your expertise (in whatever area you are expert) it doesn’t necessarily qualify you to champion a company-wide rebrand campaign or re-architect your website for maximum usability. Call some people that have those qualifications. 

What happened to the ‘Lens’ Metaphor?
Let’s suppose that you have identified an area for growth for your company. Great! Now consider getting an outside, non-biased perspective – not just for finding the solution but also for diving deep into the underlying need and presenting a new perspective. You will find great value in this look through a fresh lens. 

The moral of this story.
Don’t mangle so many clichés in one sitting – my sincere apologies. Here at allwebcafe our musings are short because we know the world is busy. We try to cut out all the back-patting and jargon-spewing to serve up a perspective that we hope you find educational, entertaining or, at the very least, informative. Please let us know how we’re doing.