• Temple University’s SMC Plus Program Embraces All Things Digital

Temple University’s SMC Plus Program Embraces All Things Digital

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There’s no denying that digital marketing is here and it’s here to stay. For some, honing one’s skills in this vertical is imperative in order to stay on top of its evolving nature. Temple University recognizes this, and has developed a brand new program targeted at non-matriculated students who are motivated to become experts in all things digital - specifically in the way of marketing.

allwebcafe recently had the chance to sit down with Dana Saewitz, an Associate Professor in Advertising at Temple University. Saewitz has taken the lead on developing the SMC Plus certificate program and ensuring that it’s reaching the people who would benefit from it most.

Q. How did the decision to create this program come to be?

A: I run the internship program and interact with hundreds of potential employers a day. More and more often, I’ve been hearing that employers are struggling to find digital executives - both young and old. The goal is to enable professionals at every stage of their career to build digital advertising skills into their current skill sets.

Q. These types of programs take time to get right. How long has Temple been working on this?

A: Over the last two years, we’ve been building this program out - hiring the right instructors and staff to ensure that this is successful. Temple’s School of Media and Communications has really strong relationships with alumni and employers within the region. We wanted to build a program that truly met the needs of our alumni and regional employers, designed to meet the needs of the market place.

Q. Who is this program really targeted toward?

A: This program is for those who have already graduated college. Our goal for the program is to really prepare our students for careers in digital strategy, interactive design, content management and social media because these professions and skill sets are so in-demand right now.

Q. What types of positions are employers seeking most often?

A: Social media positions are in high demand. There are also a lot of requests for digital media planners and buyers, as well as web designers. We’re seeing these types of requests across the board for all industries.

Q. Can you give us a glimpse into what one of your classes looks like?

A: The Introduction to Digital Advertising course covers a variety of topics that are imperative to any digital marketer. From how to create a project brief to a content audit, this course aims to focus on how customer intelligence, along with emerging technologies, drives customer experience and, essentially, the ROI for brands.

The emergence of a program such as this just supports the reality that digital marketing is continuing to grow and evolve over time. Brands are recognizing the importance behind a strong digital presence, creating a need for more professionals who understand the art of of digital marketing inside and out.

Allwebcafe is always on the lookout for employees who embody the skills provided by a certificate program such as this. A digital marketing professional who understands every facet of the digital landscape is a valuable asset, and one that essentially strengthens an agency at its core.

Temple University’s SMC Plus program is working to prepare the Philadelphia workforce for the boom in digital advertising and marketing positions. This online program results in a Digital Advertising Certificate that gives students the tools they need to become digital advertising experts.

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