• The Evolution of Digital Strategy

The Evolution of Digital Strategy

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The digital landscape is always changing - and our services are changing with it. One of our newest offerings is comprised of three key focus areas: brand strategy, content marketing and digital experiences. Paul Manz, Director of Strategy and Analysis and an industry veteran of more than 15 years, will lead his team in combining these three powerful disciplines into something even more powerful - marketing that builds trust.

Manz’s role is to drive strategy for new and existing clients by utilizing a persona-based methodology that moves customers through their buying journey. The persona methodology is used in all aspects of digital marketing, from website design to content marketing.

“As Peppers and Rogers forecasted in “The One To One Future,” advances in technology allow us to create much more intimate conversations that we have had in the past, enabling us to not only focus on share of market but share of customer. Helping our clients nurture leads throughout the buying journey on a more personal and needs-based level has led to powerful results,” commented Manz.

The Strategy and Analysis team uses robust technology platforms that not only inform the tactics used in the strategy but also allow for comprehensive performance measurement which informs adjustments over time to maximize client ROI. Courtney Bryson, a Content Strategist on the Strategy and Analysis team, works with Manz to leverage analytics by identifying efforts achieving business objectives and where greater opportunities exist to increase online visibility.

It’s no secret that digital tactics and initiatives are in a state of evolution - meaning that agencies need to continuously adapt. To learn more about how allwebcafe can help identify and connect your brand with your target audience, please contact us.