• The Mobile World and How You Fit In

The Mobile World and How You Fit In

Posted by Steve Williams | Rare Thinking |

Mobile platforms are revolutionizing the world we live in. Mobile web usage is ramping-up many times faster than desktop computers ever did indicating that within the next few years mobile connections to the internet will surpass that of desktops. These relatively new technologies are utilized for everything from turning a profit to facilitating political change, so it might be intimidating to figure out what this all means for you.

Business: People are becoming more and more dependant on their mobile devices to research products and services. At the same time their comfort level with completing those purchases using their mobile devices is increasing at a blistering pace.

Leisure: Encompassing everything from hard-core gaming to collecting recipes the leisure aspect of mobile cannot be ignored. Some analysis has this category dominating as much as 35% of the average user’s online activity.

Social Media: At one point in time social media may have been lumped under “Leisure” but it is much more than that now and will only increase in the future. Social media is not as much about the medium and more about a culture shift taking place. A large part of the participation in this new culture happens via mobile devices.

Education: According to The Huffington Post, 81% of top iPad book apps are children’s titles. And I challenge you to find a college student without at least one mobile ready device. This platform, flat-out, is a huge part of our children’s learning already and is poised to take an even larger role.

So that’s the tiniest tip of the iceberg, meant to give you a appreciation for the scope of what Mobile is and what it is on its way to becoming. Mobile devices truly have become a staple of our society. No longer simply about communicating, these devices and the platforms that they represent span the spectrum of possibilities. Chances are good that you fall into multiple categories of mobile usage and that you will find more ways to harness its immense power in the years to come. No one can say, positively, where Mobile will go next but one thing is for sure; Mobile is here to stay.