• There’s Writing… and There’s SEO Writing

There’s Writing… and There’s SEO Writing

Posted by Anne Ryan | Rare Thinking |

As the resident search engine optimization specialist here at allwebcafe, I love the days when I bust out my wordsmith hat and box of keyword tools and embark on an SEO copywriting frenzy. There is just something about crafting effective copy that has the right amount of keywords, anchor text links to relevant pages and a style where the copy flows with ease. While the end result is like candy for the search engines, the process of SEO copywriting is a very delicate balance.

Anyone who enjoys writing enjoys it for many reasons, but one of the top most likely reasons is the freedom to create. When writing web copy that is driven by SEO, the process shifts from a creative exercise to one of technicality and strategy

First, there’s keyword research and industry analysis to determine the language of the target demographic hitting Search on Google. Given that each page should have a keyword density of about 3%, writing copy is now more like a game where the object is for each paragraph to read well, offer valuable, relevant information to the end-user and include one or two keywords with at least one link to boot.

In addition to body content, there’s a lot consideration given to headers, from the H1 commander-in-chief to the little guys at the H3, H4 and H5 levels. People love catchy headers that summarize the content within so they can scan more and read less. Google loves headers because it tells the algorithm a little more about the page topic so it can decide exactly where to index it. As such, headers are another valuable page element that support both keyword placement for the search engines and offer compelling messaging to the end-user.

Since we want to rank high, we want what Google wants. But, Google wants what the end-user wants. So, when it comes to writing web copy, it’s best to avoid keyword stuffing and trying to trick the search engines. Remember, Google is smart. The content and keyword placement within webpage copy has to be just as smart while always keeping the end-user in mind.