• Your Next Website Development Project: Taking the Lead

Your Next Website Development Project: Taking the Lead

Posted by Kristin Conran | Rare Thinking |

Creating a new website can be both exciting and stressful. You may be uncertain of where to start, with many questions running through your mind. From organizational needs, all the way to the more nitty gritty details, like how many photos will be needed on the homepage, it can be an overwhelming endeavor.

Make sure you have an answer to these three critical questions before you get started.

1. What are the goals for the new website?

Ask yourself and others what the new website should do for your company. Determine if you want to use it to generate sales leads, be as a resource for existing customers or if you need it to act as a professional website that does all of those things along with providing legitimacy for your business. Once you determine the overall goal, other important details will fall into place. Lay out the deadline, whether or not the launch of the site is tied to other marketing initiatives, and the timeline. Website projects have the potential to run significantly past their due dates if not managed properly, so it’s important to create a solid foundation before moving forward.

2. How will this new site increase engagement with your audience? 

Engaging with your audience is imperative when it comes to digital marketing. If your new website is going to incorporate a blog, outline how often you’ll be posting to it. Have other downloadable assets or media you’d like to include? Ensure there’s a place for it on the site, like a Resources section. Will there be sections that need to be updated frequently, like a News or Press Release section? Communicate with other department in your company to determine this. Ensuring that you have a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to update and add new information easily will be critical to keeping the content on the site fresh and up to date. The CMS that you choose will affect the way you engage with your audience and help create business efficiencies further down the line.

3. What content do you want to include on the site? 

Determining the answer to this question well ahead of time is key when it comes to productivity and efficiency during this process. Decide who will write the content, what content you can re-use, how much content needs to be written and for what areas. Considering the content before the project begins also helps with design concepts and your site’s SEO strategy. The earlier you can provide content the smoother your website development will go and the sooner people will find you when they search for you.

For more tips on how to manage your next web project, feel free to email me for a consultation at kconran@allwebcafe.com.

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